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Welcome to my blog!

I’m Emily! An astrophysicist by trade moonlighting (or sometimes daylighting depending on my job hours) as a bibliophile. I travel the world for work and occasionally get stuck on planes for 14 hours at a time, which I pretend I don’t like, but it gives me more time to read. I have a book within arms reach at all times and can normally be seen with my iPad mini (my e-reader of choice) under my arm, in my bag, or in front of my face.

“What are you reading?” is a question I get asked a lot, sometimes to get the book away from my face. This is a good question but often asked at the wrong time. I thought I might start this little blog, so I can give that question the answer it deserves and share a little bit about things that I liked/didn’t like/tried to throw across the room but remembered that iPads are breakable.

I read a book a week, on average, and I’m always looking for new things! Recommendations are my favorite, especially if it’s something I never would have found otherwise. At the moment I’m trying to catch up on some modern fiction (I got stuck in the 1800’s for a while) with some interesting new non-fiction in history/social science sprinkled in. I hope to update this blog every week or so to reflect what I just finished and the little box on the side should tell you what I’m reading now and looking forward to writing about soon.

Have you read one (or more) of the books I post about? Did you like it/not like it/try and succeed in throwing it across the room because you own a hardcopy? Let me know! I also love talking about books and would like to hear from you!

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  1. Really good blog Emily. You have now stoked my interest in all the books related to Napoleon, especially The Black Count. Looking forward to reading it.

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